Friday, May 21, 2010

The only thing in life that makes sense...!! - to me...

So tonight, again I sit awake after being wished by a few close friends already for having lived a quarter century of life. Good, bad and ugly I have seen so far, like everyone in a more or less degree has. But as I lay down trying to go back to sleep after the mid-night wishes (and of course couldn’t sleep!:D) I thanked the one person, who has had a tremendous impact in my life and has been my saving grace through everything. She’s one person I have never met but still feel the deepest connection with. She is my conscience and my guide. She is my Guru.

And I thanked her for finding me. For keeping my faith for me. For being the sole answer to every question.
Now I understand many aren’t on the same page and are probably thinking I’m nuts (including some of my best friends! J). But you really don’t know what you’re missing till you’ve found it!

So this piece of write up is nothing but my reverent thanks for the grace I have found because it’s the only thing that has made as much sense as it has my entire life! 


Srinidhi said...

I wish i find what you have. Amen. Beautiful post. :) Happy birthday babe :)

Vineeta said...

u will I;m sure baby!! :)....Thx so much! :*