Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Old Like Wine!

They say some things never change. They (whoever 'they' are) also say that friendship is one of those things. I beg to differ! And I say this in the most positive sense it ever could be said in.

Let me explain as to the-whys(bad-animated-desi-style-exaggerated-Hinglish). It's because it's stupid to believe that friendships never change. Simple! Now let's face it - any average person who stays the same in terms of attitudes, behaviours and ideologies at any two points of time in life has basically not matured(unless some of us believe that a person has been the maturest he/she can be from a very young age). So, obviously, people change over time and so do their interactions - and that's why friendships never remain the same. They just MATURE.

If you ask me, any relationship has the same basics, including marriage. It's just the intensity that differs. The reason why some outlast the others is because the people involved in that relationship are growing and maturing at complimentary paces, during various stages.

Why am I rambling on, giving so much gyaan about friendships and relationships? It's because I've realised how lucky I have been to sustain and maintain some through over a decade and some more(one in particular has lasted more than 2 decades and NO I'm just 26!). I met a couple of friends today who I used to meet every single day, way back when I was in college. And it's awesome how we can still ramble on about the same old things but still talk about new stuff and never tire of it! It's the same ol silliness, the same ol laughter, the same ol leg-pulling and the same ol chemistry.

An argument could be made that I said 'same ol' 4 times already. But the fact remains that the friendship has changed and so have we. What's remained the same is the genuineness, the heartfelt warmth and the complementing paces we've grown at. All the while understanding the weirdest things about each other, sticking through the toughest phases and growing still.

All in all, this is to two of my closest friends - Achu and Sweetu(Dhara as many call her) - I love you and I feel lucky to have you guys around. I hope this goes on till we're grey and old! :)