Monday, January 4, 2010 far!!!

So, here I am, writing my first blog ever. I have thought about writing one a lot of times. But how can I do something everyone does?? :D. But after I kind of accepted that I am one among more than 6 billion of my species and also that there really isn't anyone who is unique by themselves, besides the fact that I wanted to write a blog however unacclaimed it might be, I made up my mind to write one. However, being the procrastinator that I am ( as well as being someone who needs to be pushed a little having a first gear problem), I started after a few people thought I should (some didn't think so either, but what the heck!), goaded on it a bit and finally at 5 am on the day I don't like much myself - a Monday, much past the eve of New Year, I started.

Now, while I do not proclaim to be a great writer (which a blogger should probably be), I think I can do a reasonable job of penning my thoughts. It is something I find is a good habit; and some of it should be shared!

So, my first blog is nothing extraordinary or spectacular, just a simple recollection and interpretation of my mundane 25 years of life - the lessons I've learnt, the things I've seen, the roads I've taken, stuff I like, who I am - with a slight emphasis on the last decade since I changed and learned the most in that time. Here goes...

I've been blessed with a wonderful and supportive family who I can talk to without thinking.

Kapil is the most important and precious part of my life. Have no idea what I would do without him.

I love my friends to death. They're what make things simple and cheerful when its so so hard.

I love Hyderabad! And I love being a Hyderabadi who speaks a weird hindi that many others don't understand!

I identify myself with fashion. Have seen such a difference from only black and leather to fluorescents to baggy pants and shirts to boots cuts to the generation of thinspiration and size zero but a lot of colours and class(Amen to the last two!).

Mihir is my escape from this world. God I love that child!

I still want to 'become' a lotta things :D (in answer to the very childish question "What do you want to become when you grow up?). And I will always remain a child somewhere not wanting to grow up! :)

I'm crazy about footwear. Can never have enough of them!

Two couples I've seen work it out through a lot and still standing strong - Neha-Srinath and Kapil-Nidhi. I'm so happy for you guys and I'm always around for you guys no matter what.

I've learnt people always learn to move on. No matter what. You will get through something you've been put to.

The only things that keeps you going are hope, faith, laughter and friends.

Hollywood is becoming increasingly Bollywoodish and vice-versa. Its just great! :)

Music is my innate love. Movies are my acquired love (all thanks to Kapil and Shishir). Books are my childhood love.

I can laugh at almost ANYTHING! So if I'm asking for the guy I wanna be with to have a good sense of humour, its not asking for much! ;)

Love may after all be the only thing that saves us. But as Nickelback says - look what love gave us??

I hate violence. I hate the people who do violence in the name of religion.

And I hate those people who stalk women, have no idea how to respect them and treat them like anything but individuals.

Nothing goes as planned. And once you get used to living life impromptu, its actually fun living without a plan.

I can't stand stupid people. No offence, but I wear thin on patience when I have to explain the same thing in different ways over and over to the person who isn't going to understand it after all!.

What goes around will always, always come around.

I can talk about anything. I can't talk with everyone.

My dad and I will always be at loggerheads. But we can never do without each other, and I much less without his approval.

My mom is the most understanding, patient and practical lady ever. A mother-daughter relationship is the most beautiful one.

I love shopping!!! It so lifts my spirits! :) :) :)

Everyone can relate to at least one of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I do love drama and I do love soaps (Gossip girl, The O.C, being my favourites) and movies that have it .

Pssst...I'm a closet romantic! And a hopeless one at that (with hopes of flowers , fire flies and fireworks...the whole 9 yards!)!

My saving grace from all that life threw at me when it was too much to take has been my Guru. She sent me guidance when I most needed it and is always guiding me in whatever I do.

A trip can sort the most messed head. And its so much fun!

At every point of time, life can be enjoyed to the best. Even if you're in the dumps.

Best friends hear you out no matter how much you're cribbing!! I love you Nehs, Sweetu, Shishir and Kapil for that!

Parents bail you out no matter how stupid you're being. And friends listen to you and vigourously nod their heads in agreement when you need it even if you're being moronic!

Great people in your team mean so much! Nelofer, Pooja and JC at Intercon and Lakshman, Nithya, Sheetal, Manny and Shishir at Satyam absolutely made my time the best! And I found some friends for life!!

Good looks have nothing to do with manners, smartness, sensibility and groundedness.

And me "Be original, be loud, be crazy, be kookoo, be spontaneous, be proper, be loving, be daring" makes a lotta sense! :)

So there it is..I hope it makes for a decent read. Happy New Years people! :)


Nemesis said...

Cheers Vinnie!
- To a good year and a fantastic few in the past .. I hope you post often, I'll be keeping an eye out :)

Srinidhi said...

You write well! :) i love the thought process! :)
Awww!! thanks for a mention :) we will try to stay strong :) :* :)
Oh by the way.. i totally agree with so many! but right on top of it all is the mother daughter relationship! i dont think there is another much like it! :D <3
Keep posting! im going to follow now! :D

Frillz/Philomina Patlur said...

nice read there ! an insight into Vineeta... interesting !

Vineeta said...

@ Rahul: thx whoever u are....have a gr8 yr! :)

@ Nids: Thx so much sweets!!!! :)..:*!<3

@ Phil: Thx Phil! I'm glad it seems that way! :)

Srinath S said...

Hey..welcome to the bloggers club...nice read...this is like that facebook 25 things about me u dint know kinda thing..
and continue blogging..:)

Vineeta said...

@ Srinath: It is...kinda....but this has 35 things!! :D....

Ur wife happens to think it is a useless activity blogging btw!!! :D :D :D

Shishir said...

Am glad you finally got started...i tried hard not to laugh at the first gear problems ;) I love you too...keep blogging. Interesting start to 2010 i wld say and i hope this year brings you everything that you wished for :)

Shishir said...

and you copied the last bit from me...nevermind i picked it off the net :P

Vineeta said...

hehehe...thx baba...:)

Nikhil Saraf said...

A great read. Good to see you got started. Welcome to the family! It really doesn't take much to write :)

And Wish you a happy new year too.

Anonymous said...

wOw...U STARTD WRITIN BLOGS ...Gud one...:)

khushboo said...

"Be original, be loud, be crazy, be kookoo, be spontaneous, be proper, be loving, be daring" makes a lotta sense! :)
Be vinieeeeeeeeee. fun nd njoyable read viniee. just like u ;)
luvvddd ur first piece. hope i can write one sumday :p
waitin fo ur next one :D

Vineeta said...

@ Nikhil: it doesn't! :)

@ Jelo: thx! :)

@ Khush: thx so much sweetheart...u will too someday!! it doesn't take much really! :)....:*!

Anitha said...

Felt good reading it...looking forward for more...!:)

Vineeta said...

Thx Anitha!! Tho m not sure which Anitha this is! :D

Malvika said...

Seems like this aspect of you was just waiting to unravel!!!!

Great start!!!

Keep the pace and let 'em thoughts flow!!! :)

Vineeta said...

Thx so much Pengy!!! :).....

la belle dame sans merci said...

Hey dikra! great stuff for a first timer. It's all about the BEN and a blog should be your mouthpiece if nothing else.

Keep blogging. It's a great way to unwind and let us all find out what's happening in Vinnieland.

Vineeta said...

Thx so much Ben!!! :) :) :)

Jaimin said...

i hope to see some posts in the future on "living without a plan" as you note above ... also about your Guru and your interactions with her and how it is creating change inside you ...

the world is a mirror ... you know that ... so is this blog ... you can paint the words to see your reflection!

Vineeta said...

:).....true tht Jaimi! :)

Thx so much!!! :)

shuuuu said...

i am commenting late and i apologize for that :)
firstly WELCOME to the world of bloogging ... where some good writers like u :) will make us want to write .. rather try our hand at it :) .....
i lovedd ur first post .. now u got me wondering how awesome ur second one will be :P ....
u reallly lived up to beginning with a BANG
p.s shoesss r my weakness too... atleast u have small pretty feet :P ....

Vineeta said...

Thx soooo much baby!! :)

and I don't have pretty feet at all!!!! I hate them...:D